About Us

In the heart of Monferrato Astigiano, where the legend of the brave knight Aleramo still lives, stands Grazzano Badoglio, the home of our firm.

For three generations now, we have produced wine exclusively from the grapes grown in our vineyards, occupying ideal sites in the fertile hills.

Our history

First my grandfather, then my father, matured solid experience through hard work in the fields, staying faithful to the vine even in hard times.
And now I, Dario Rappellino, intend to continue this family tradition. However, like every youth, I would also like to move forward, and bring a new and modern energy to our firm.

Our ambition is the continual improvement of production, and especially the quality of the final product. This quality is born from an affectionate relationship with the soil and ecologically harmonious methods of cultivation, but most particularly from the discerning selection of the best grapes and an attentive wine making process to ensure the excellence of the product.

Visitors are always welcome. Please contact us first: a simple phone call will be enough to arrange a tasting.

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